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We grow around 100 varieties of hybrid tea roses on 2 different farms in Ecuador. Aside from our own production, we also source other floral products from partner growers, mainly spray roses, gypsophila, hypericum and summer flowers. All our varieties are available year-round.

We only sell wholesale. and to the trade. Our team supplies many authorized flower distributors, so our roses are available at many flower shops all around the world. If you are interested in distributing our products, please contact us at the following email and phone number: +1.855.240.6448

We are open to distribution partnerships worldwide. In some cases, we already have distributors in specific areas, so it is best to check with our sales team to see how we can do business.

As a wholesaler, your number one priority should be to keep the roses away from extreme emperature: Extreme heat or cold might damage the quality of the product. Always keep flowers between 1C and 3C. If keeping the product in water, use clean buckets and a flower food solution, recutting the stems and keeping the protective wrappers around the blooms until sold.

As a florist, always rehydrate the flowers for a few hours immediately upon delivery, and keep the protective wrapper until ready to arrange.

As a consumer, keep flowers hydrated and in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Change water in vases and recut stems every three or four days to maintain freshness. Also use a flower food solution in your vases.

Aside from many national and international certifications, one of our pillars is precisely our environmental and social consciousness, and we take into account our impact in all aspects of our production.

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