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Each farm has a different selection of roses. Our Cotopaxi farm focuses on growing vibrant roses with longer stems and our Cayambe farm focuses on red roses and darker color roses.

Both of our farms are high in altitude, Cotopaxi at 2,850m and Cayambe at 2,800m. They are situated at points that are closest to the sun, which gives them peak growing conditions. Due to the direct contact with sunlight, the roses grow faster, the stems grow straighter, and the colors are more concentrated.

Our team supplies many authorized flower distributors, so our roses are available at the shops. If you’re looking to start distribution, please contact us at our customer service email.

As a wholesaler, your number one priority is to keep the roses away from extreme humidity and high temperatures.Similarly, don’t put them in a place of extreme cold.

As a florist, you must handle the roses properly and take care of their placement. Due to the delivery systems some wholesalers use, some might places the roses with many items resulting in them being squished and malnourished, so focus on that aspect.

As a consumer, place the roses in a vase half filled with water and keep them hydrated.

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