What our customers are saying about us

Hi Elie,
I just want to tell you that we are happy with the service that you have given to us this Valentines. It is nice to work with someone who knows our needs and goes the extra mile when we need help getting certain varieties.
It seems that every time that I need to talk to you I can email or call and you are quick to respond and if there is any trouble with product you are also quick to deal with that too.

Thanks again and have a good Valentines Day.

DC – Wholesaler in Toronto

Good Afternoon Elie
I just wanted to let you know that the product has been arriving very well. Thanks for working so hard to get all our orders confirmed, and fulfilling everything we needed.
Your service is always appreciated by us.
We’re back to regular orders now, so we’ll continue to send the orders weekly.

Thanks again,
TP – Wholesaler in Canada

Chère Marion,

Je pense qu’on vous a déjà dit que la St Valentin s’est très bien passée, en grande partie due à la très belle qualité de vos roses que beaucoup de client ont loué Et encore merci de votre aide sur place .
Bien cordialement

JP – Grossiste en France

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